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Writing A Business Plan

POSTED October 28, 2016 | articles

A business plan is a key component of the sometimes confusing strategy involved when starting a business. A business plan is a roadmap for business success that usually projects 3-5 years ahead and outlines the course a company intends to take in order to grow revenues. Actually sitting down...


Tip of the Week – January 16, 2017

POSTED April 18, 2016 | articles

Are you accountable? When do you show up to your meeting? Are you the one straggling in or are you early? Do you leave before the meeting is even over or are you the last one to leave? Who is making the most tips in the room each week?...


Tip of the Week – January 9, 2016

POSTED March 28, 2016 | articles

Arrive early, especially before the guests. Think about it, how many times do, you arrive earlier than expected for a business appointment. Treat your LeTip members with the same courtesy. Guests are not coming to a party. They are coming to business meeting. They’ll usually arrive early knowing this...


Tip of the Week – January 2, 2017

POSTED March 14, 2016 | articles

Close more members with Escrow Tips: Escrow TIPS are a great way to encourage guests to join. When a guest or guests attend, think about how you can use their services. Escrow Tips can only be one on one, not a third party tip. You have to truly be...


Tip of the Week – December 26, 2016

POSTED February 29, 2016 | articles

Treat your weekly LeTip meeting just as you would any business appointment. Of course things in life happen that may be out of our control. But why would you give up your weekly meeting because a potential client wants to set an appointment at the time you meet with your...

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