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My father taught me that integrity was the cornerstone of leadership. With our chapter elections now on the horizon, I thought I would share what living a life with integrity means to me.

Living a life with integrity is the result of making millions of choices throughout our lifetimes.  We face these choices everyday and although most of them are small decisions, when added up, the cumulative effect of our choices, becomes a legacy of our life.

To live with integrity, we must be prepared to speak the truth, all the time-- not just when it is convenient.  It takes courage to speak the truth, especially when the possibility of turmoil and conflict can be the result.  But truth is at the heart of integrity, and have no doubt, those "little white lies" will grow into big ones.

To live with integrity, we must be sincere. That means that we must first be true to ourselves and use that inner faith to guide our decisions throughout the day. Sincerity means we must be genuine, be who we really are, rather than the person we think others want us to be.

To live with integrity, one must understand that giving is a privilege. To have something to share, whether material or spiritual, means that we have an abundance. Give not with the intent of receiving something back, but rather from a sincere desire to help another.

To live with integrity means choosing the honorable path. We must consistently choose a direction that will result in serving not only our own best interests, but also the best interests of those around us.

The values we choose to guide us in our business dealings should not be any different than the values we choose in our personal lives.  Live your life with integrity, and know when you do, the choices will build a legacy that can withstand any challenge.
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