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Letters from Members

Ed Turney... what a guy! LeTip Port Jefferson... what a chapter!

Ed turney, our Showboat Winner, donated his entire prize to Love146. Not only that, but his chapter, LeTip Port Jefferson, did the same. Ed and his chapter illustrate the meaning of generosity. Especially at a time when everyone struggles with economic concerns, such kindness encourages each one of us to reach out, share, and help one another Kim Marie

LeTip Port Jefferson

LeTip Member, Ed Turney (center), with the check he presented to Love146

LeTip Member, Ed Turney (center), with the check he presented to Love146

Dear LeTip International,

The LeTip Port Jefferson Chapter would like to proudly deliver exciting news of one of our members whose actions inspire all.Ed Turney of Shaolin Kung Fu Studios is the Chapter’s Martial Arts Instructor. He has meticulously trained in the traditional martial arts, and dedicates his life to the principles of Shaolin, which include focus, discipline, selflessness, and compassion. These positive attributes have translated to all aspects of his life – both personal and professional.

Since Ed became a member of our Chapter in January 2011, he has always upheld the highest LeTip standards. He consistently receives Top Tipper honors in our Chapter of over 50 members, and is generous with his time and advice. Our Board continues to emphasize the importance of creating a strong and loyal chapter, and Ed’s participation has absolutely contributed to our Chapter’s strength and loyalty.

Ed worked diligently to submit an extraordinary showboating entry, and recently won LeTip International’s First Annual Showboating Contest. Keeping in his spirit, Ed has generously donated his entire $1000 prize to a charity called Love 146 to which he is deeply committed.The mission of this charity is to combat horrific crimes against humanity; namely, child sex slavery, trafficking, and exploitation. Love 146 tackles prevention and provides aftercare to the victims of these heinous crimes. Their wonderful work has had a tremendous positive impact throughout Asia, Europe, and North America.

As a Chapter, we were so moved by Ed’s benevolence that, without reservation, we likewise donated our portion of the Showboating Contest prize money, $250, to the charity, Love 146. We are extremely proud to recognize Ed Turney as an exemplary member of our Chapter and are pleased to advance the cause of his charity.


LeTip Port Jefferson Board of Directors

Last Updated on Wednesday, 21 March 2012 17:19

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