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The Tale of Two Tippers PDF Print E-mail

This funny video, "The Tale of Two Tippers", was created by LeTip International to help a prospective member understand how LeTip can help generate more business.

When two different types of LeTip members are compared, it’s easy to see which one succeeds and grows their business and which does not. By interacting, networking, and bringing others to LeTip meetings, the successful member is an active member. This member takes advantage of every opportunity to meet new people and to include them in her professional network. Those people then tell other people and the network continues to expand, and with it, the LeTip member’s business grows, too.

The member who does not participate, but merely hands out her business cards and does not engage with other members or business owners, does not grow her business. Simply being a LeTip member does not guarantee success; members need to be involved and enthusiastic about their business and their membership. Success is not won by osmosis, it is earned through hard work.

By attending meetings, being ethical, professional, and experienced in your line of work, and actively passing on referrals, your membership is bound to help expand your business and add to the number of professional contacts you have. LeTip works when its members are involved. Doing business with other businesses improves communities, as well as the businesses themselves. As a member, you can be a mentor, a leader, a participant, or all of these and more. But it’s what you put into the organization that will determine your level of success.

Choosing to be the Tipper who just shows up and expects results is a losing proposition. Being the Tipper who interacts with new people, engages with everyone they come in contact with, attends events, and refers others to LeTip is clearly more desirable. After all, who does not want to be successful?

Last Updated on Friday, 14 November 2014 14:32